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Okay. I begin saying that this is the best book of the series.
There's so much action in it. Everything is described perfectly. Jo knows exactly how to communicate the emotions she'd like to give. She's a .. genius.
Love the plot, love the characters, LOVE EVERYONE/EVERYTHING in this book.

Beginning with Hedwig, and then Mad-Eye, Dobby ;_________________;
Hedwig and Dobby made me burst into tears.
I was expecting Lupin and Tonks' death.
Just because I have always been CONVINCED that all the Marauders would be dead before the end of the series. And that's what happened.
Sirius doesn't come back, nor James (well of course they appear during the book like "ghosts" or just memories).
Wormtail dies because he has a debt towards Harry, who saved his life in the third book.
And dies.
Lupin was the last, and he couldn't die now that he's married, right?
Well, that's simple.
Make also his wife die.
Their death made me cry too ;___; But I was kinda "prepared" for these ones.
This is the most unexpected among all the other deaths.
I mean .. I would have NEVER thought of Fred dying.
Fred & George are an INSTITUTION. They ALWAYS laugh, they ALWAYS know how to make an horrible atmosphere, an happy one.
.. and he dies.
Then Ted Tonks (I really wouldn't like to be Andromeda Black Tonks, who sees her husband, her daughter, her son-in-law, and her sister - okay she doesn't care about Bellatrix, I know - die!) ..
Crabbe dies. .. Oh really?
Bellatrix dies. I must admit I was .. a bit upset.
I mean she's cruel and everything, but she's Bellatrix one of my favorite characters among the BAD ONES. Mean till the end.
Scrimgeour dies. Saving Harry too. Well, not directly, but he refuses to tell the Death Eaters where he is. That's kind of him, right?
Oh and .. also Colin Creevey dies.

And then .. Snape.

That he was GOOD was one of my CONVICTION.
I thought it reading HBP and I keep thinking it throughout this book.
And I was pretty right.
He dies saying "Look ... at ... me" .. to Harry of course.
Why? Because he has always been in love with Lily, Harry's mother.
And Harry has the same eyes of her and Snape .. wanted to see her eyes in his last moment.
I cried so much for him ;__;
He has been protecting Harry since he was one!
Since Voldemort threatened the Potter family!
Because he LOVED Lily.
He became a spy for the Order just after her death, and despite his *hate* towards Harry, he always always always PROTECTED him.
There's a whole chapter about his memories, the Prince's tale.
And you really cannot hate him.
He's one of the BEST characters of the whole series, because he's not totally bad, but not even totally good. He's .. I don't know. He's perfect. Thanks Severus!

Ahm .. TOLD YOU SO?!
Ahahaha, okay, no.
Well that was pretty obvious. Saw that coming!
The book is FULL of R/Hr moments.
Ron has changed so much. In every little things he does he tries to make Hermione feel special. When she cries he's always there for first, he's always ready to hug her when she needs to be comforted. GO RON!
At the wedding, when Viktor appears, I .. screamed!!
When you want something R/HR to happen you HAVE TO CALL Viktor!
GO VIKTOR! Ahahahah, you see him for the last time.
And Ron actually asks Hermione to dance. I wanted to cry.
I mean .. this has been my Potter-related dream since I start reading the series.

Other R/HR MOMENTS I loved:
* when Harry thinks that Ron and Hermione have fallen asleep holding hands
* when he says "WOW" seeing her at the wedding, dressed in lilac
* when he prays Bellatrix to be tortured instead of Hermione
* when he keeps screaming her name hearing Hermione screaming tortured by Bellatrix
* when Ron has to destroy the Horcrux, but the locket makes him see "things": Harry & Hermione together, actually kissing. The real Harry screams at thim, pushing him to DESTROY THE HORCRUX. And he does. Then he falls, shaking. Harry says that he loves Hermione as a sister, and that Hermione loves him as a brother. IT ALWAYS HAS BEEN LIKE THAT. He keep telling him that since he left them, she has been crying during the night .. because she missed him so much.
* .. the kiss. PAGE 502 OWNS MY HEART. "That's now or never"! GO HERMIONE! xD

When Ron leaves them, I was INCREDIBLY WORRIED.
I swear I was able to hear all the Ron-haters saying "HE'S A COWARD, HE LEFT HIS BEST FRIENDS" .. and then.
Chapter 19; he SAVES Harry's life. He kept following them and he wasn't able to see them because of the protective spells. Ron ;_____________________________________;
He finally wins at the end. He wins Hermione's heart and the FULL RESPECT of all the HP readers ù___ù
I loved this passage:

(Ron:) "... he [Dumbledore] must've known I'd run out on you."
"No," Harry corrected him. "He must've known you'd always want to come back."
(Chapter 20, I think)

Well .. I've always LOVED Ron & Hermione together, but this doesn't mean I don't like Harry and Hermione's relathionship too.
Of course, IT'S ANOTHER KIND OF RELATIONSHIP, but it's strong and absolutely perfect.
They're like brother and sister, they need each other, Hermione is always ready to help him, she's already *mature* in this sense, she's not like Ron who still needs to figure out some things (things that he will understand in this book of course, he's the one who GROWNS UP in this final chapter), she's always there.
The scene at the graveyard in Godric's Hollow.
When Hermione takes his hand in front of his parents' tomb, and then they leave together: Harry's arm on her shoulders, her arm around Harry's waist.
I love their relationship, BECAUSE IT'S A DIFFERENT LOVE.
And I can't understand why other people CAN'T understand that they're so beautiful like this, and not as lovers.
They're sweet.

* Dudley. Dudley made me cry, could you believe it? He let all the "I'm big and strong, and you're just sh*t" impression fall. He finally thanks Harry because he saved his life in the fifth book, he finally says that he doesn't think that Harry's a waste of space, they shake hands. ;______________________________; I want to adopt Dudley.
* Kreacher. Kreacher made me cry too. KREACHER. That's the power of JK. Rowling, I suppose! Harry learns to treat him right, to treat him as something with actual feelings, and Kreacher knows how to thank him. He stands out for him until the end, he's the boss of the Elves' rebellion at the end of the book, during the battle that takes place at Hogwarts.
* Snape. But I've already said it :P
* Neville. Well, I've always loved Neville as a character, but in this one he's just AMAZING. He's so so so so brave. He's the HEAD of the students' rebellion at Hogwarts, he keeps the Dumbledore's Army alive, he stands out against the Carrows and Snape (the Death Eaters who control Hogwarts), he's not afraid of dying, or going to Azkaban. He does what needs to be done. He's just .. I don't know, he's lovely ;__;
* Aberforth. Because he's sweet.
* Percy. I forgot to mention him! He's actually funny at the end. Fred dies in his own arms.

Learning things about his past felt strange, I have to admit it.
Because I was not used to think about him has a normal person, with normal feelings and a "normal" past. And of course I was wrong!
He obviously has had a past, and not an happy one!
He has made lots of mistakes as any other normal person, but he has also learned what's really important in life, and he managed to fix everything .. but there's one thing he couldn't manage to do. Having is family back. His father, mother and sister back. That's why he has the ring in the sixth book. He's already so old, but the couldn't resist using the ring with the stone who's supposed to bring dead people back.
I'm happy Harry talks with him at the end. After pages and pages of speculations about his past (and you have to thank that BITCH that Rita Skeeter is), you finally understand what he has really went through during his life.
You have the real Dumbledore back, saying everything to Harry, explaining everything to him.
And you HAVE TO LOVE HIM, simply.

I love the whole of the plot.
The Horcruxes/Hallows thing. There are actually A LOT of shocking things going on, things you're not expecting at all.
There's so much action in this book, battles and deaths EVERYWHERE. This is not one of the classic HP books: there's no slow beginning, it begins IMMEDIATELY. After .. six chapters you already have two deaths (Hedwig & Moody). JK Rowling was right when she said that this was going to be a BLOOD BATH, because it really is.
I love how the *atmosphere* changes after the sixth book.
Voldemort and his Death Eaters are everywhere. They control the Ministry, they control Hogwarts, they control EVERYTHING. Muggle-Borns are persecuted, there will no longer be Houses at Hogwarts, just the Slytherin one. If you're not Pureblood, you can't attend the school. People are imprisoned, or obliged to escape abroad. You can feel *FEAR* everywhere.
I love how the Order stands out against Voldemort's come back. "Potterwatch", the radio channel led by the Order is just .. AMAZING xD

The fact that Harry was one of the Horcrux, at last.
But just one little part of his soul did not belong to him. That little fragment Voldemort has lost when he first tried to kill him. Harry is the seventh and UNWANTED Horcrux Voldemort has created.
Dumbledore and Snape (through Snape's memories) let him think that he has to die to defeat Voldemort. That his sacrifice is needed to make the war end.
That's why he doesn't react when Voldemort casts the Avada Kedavra curse on him.
He just accepts his destiny. He accepts to die for the ones he loves.
.. and he doesn't actually die for this reason.
Voldemort *kills* just that little part of soul that he gave Harry when he was only one. He destroys one of HIS Horcruxes with his own hands.

At the end, when Voldemort dies (killed by a stupid Expelliarmus. His own curse hits and kills him), and everyone (Ron and Hermione for first) run to him, hug him, and scream his name *_________________________________________________*
I cried so much. You really understand that it's actually over.

I've heard so many MEAN things about these last .. five pages of the book.
Yes, Harry and Ginny got married, and yes they had THREE children, and yes they're called James, Lily and Albus Severus, and yes Ron and Hermione got married too, and yes they had TWO children, and yes, they're called Rose and Hugo, and yes Draco's son is called Scorpius .. SO WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I'm tired of all those people who HAVING JUST READ THIS EPILOGUE AND NOT THE WHOLE BOOK are refusing to read Deathly Hallows, people who are saying "this end sucks", "shame on you JK Rowling", "I could have written a better ending" .. STOP! STOP IT NOW!
She has GIVEN us the BEST SERIES we could always read! She has given us the Harry Potter story! She has given us this WONDERFUL story, we GREW UP with Harry, Ron and Hermione.
And now? Just because of those children names you are REFUSING everything?

After seven years of PAIN, you dare to say that the ending is TOO SWEET? Almost disgusting and nauseating? OH PLEASE! Shame on those who are saying "I HAVE BROUGHT THE BOOK BACK BECAUSE THE EPILOGUE SUCKS" ... WHAT?!?!?!?!?!!?!?


Seriously people, forget the ships, forget the pairings, AND READ THIS BOOK!

You have questions feel free to ask! I can't do anything but talking about this book at the moment.

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